Garlic Benefit Impacted by Processing

Aspiring cooks be aware : the process in which garlic is handled in the kitchen can impact its cancer-fighting properties .
Even though a fairly recent study revealed that as little as one clove daily could cut prostate-cancer risk in half , and other research links garlic to a reduced occurrence of stomach , colon and possibly breast cancers , that all will depend on its processing , claims John A . Milner , chief of the Nutritional Science Research Group at the National Cancer Institute .
Garlic’s active agents—allyl sulfide compounds—are created when the clove is chopped or crushed . This breaks the cell walls and begins a cascade of chemical reactions ( which in addition develop garlic’s peculiar aroma ) resulting in the desired sulfides . However Milner discovered that heating the garlic soon after chopping inactivated a vital enzyme in the chemical chain .
Chopped garlic thrown right into hot oil , or whole garlic cooked without crushing ( or at least cutting off the top ) , will still pass on the preferred flavor , but little if any cancer-fighting advantages . As soon as the compounds develop , in spite of this , they are quite stable and will tolerate the temperature of cooking . Milner’s guidelines : “Crush or perhaps slice the cloves , and then allow them to sit for 10 or 15 minutes as you arrange additional ingredients . This would provide the anticancer substances time to form .”
Garlic you purchase in jars , already chopped , might be equally beneficial . “When chopped garlic was kept in the freezer for several weeks ,” says Milner , “the compounds remained active .”


Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises can help those with anxiety, fatigue, mental fatigue, foggy mind. Many of us in today's society do not breath the way our bodies were meant to breath. If you work at a desk job sitting at front of a computer screen all day, chances are you have shallow breathing. Doing a deep breathing exercise can also help a sluggish metabolism.

Fat Burning FurnaceWhen you take a deep breath and allow your lungs to fill to capacity you provide your body with more oxygen. When you exhale you expel toxins and carbon dioxide through your lymphatic system.  By breathing properly your body is flooded with life giving oxygen and your body works more efficiently.

If you tend to slouch, try not to.  Slouching pushes down on the diaphragm and will result in more shallow breathing.  The importance of good posture will help you to breath more deeply and naturally. 

In times of stress and anxiety we sometimes tend to hold our breath.   Be mindful in times of stress and try to breath more fully.  By breathing controlled and deeply during times of anxiety and stress you will alleviate the tension and help clear your mind. 

If you are looking to boost your metabolism then deep breathing exercises will benefit you.  These exercises cause you to expel more toxins and helps your body burn fat more effectivly.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Sit up straight and breath out slowly till you feel your lungs empty.  You will feel your abdomen tighten as you do this.  Next take a deep slow controlled breath through your nose and feel your stomach rise.  Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds or whatever you are comfortable with.  Now slowly exhale through your mouth, this will take slightly longer than when you inhaled.

Do this exercises 10 times 3 times daily.  You can do more if you want.  Eventually you will train yourself to breath more deeply. 

Doing this exercise you will feel more energized and have less mind fog and fatigue.  You will boost your metabolism and maybe even lose a little weight.  Your body is going to work more efficiently and you will be less stressed.


Cinnamon Blood Sugar

Cinnamon Blood Sugar.  Recently while reading up on some health and fitness tips I came across a little tip I'd like to share.  This is a nice little tip if you happen to suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar levels. 

By taking 1-2 teaspoons daily of cinnamon you can effectively lower your blood sugar levels.  Apparently studies have been done and it's true.  I've read a few of these studies myself.  The cinnamon promotes the natural production of insulin in the body, sometimes resulting in the diabetic being able to reduce the medication.  Cinnamon is more effective than in other plant at reducing blood sugar. 

If you decide to take cinnamon you must monitor your blood sugar levels because you will need to make sure you are taking the right amount of medication. This works so effectively that it can reduce your blood sugars levels by as much as 29 percent.  This can take time to work up to 4-5 weeks. 

Another note, make sure you don't take too much cinnamon as that can be toxic. 

Please do some research yourself and see how effective cinnamon for blood sugar can really be.  Also please be sure to discuss with your doctor.  I'm a not a doctor, i'm only discussing what I've read and researched myself. 

If you find this information on cinnamon and blood sugar helpful please pass the word with a social bookmark.

The Diabetes Reversal Report



Not but a week ago I noticed that my current gym was implementing Activtrax.  Activtrax is interesting in the fact that you can have a virtual trainer and not have to pay for a physical trainer.   Initially it will give a you a strength test.   The strength test gives the Activtrax a roadmap to start you out on.  The strength test takes about 30 mins to complete.  It tests your strengths in every part of your body.  Chest, legs, back, abdominals.  After completing the test you are given your first workout.  Activtrax gives you the option to use free weights or machines.  Or you have the option to use all machines in the building including free weights. 

I completed my first workout 2 days ago and I have to say it's not as easy as one might think by looking at the first workout.  I workout regularly and was spent by the end of my workout.  The nice thing about using this virtual trainer is you can set how long you want to workout and set what you expect to gain from the workout.  I set mine for weight loss and toning.  There are more settings such as mass building, endurance, you name it. 

Another nice feature of Activtrax is how it will set a diet and meal plan for you to follow and even give you a grocery list to print out.  It tracks your calories eaten and burned.  It keeps track of your water intake and everything.  I'm impressed so far by what it has to offer and best of all the use of Activtrax was included with my current gym membership.  Your particular gym may require a small fee but that small fee doesn't even come close to what you would pay for a personal trainer.

It will be interesting to see my results as I continue to follow the workouts.  I recommend you give Activtrax a try you will not be disappointed.

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Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

I have not found a green tea weight loss diet yet. However, adding green tea to a balanced diet can help you lose a little extra weight. Green tea has great health benefits such as lowering your cholesterol, slowing the aging process, helps to slow wrinkles, lowers blood pressure and prevents cancer.

Why is green tea good for you?

Green tea is unfermented, unlike it's cousins black tea and oolong tea. Green tea leaves are steamed preventing the oxidation of the compounds that make green tea so special. What makes green tea special is it's ingredient (EGCG) epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant! EGCG inhibits the growth of cancer cells, in studies it also has shown to kill cancer cells without affecting healthy tissue. Besides it's cancer preventing properties, it's shown to lower (LDL) cholesterol otherwise known has bad cholesterol. I has imroved the ratio of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Green Tea and Metabolism

In a few studies green tea has appeared to raise metabolic rates as well as speed fat oxidation. Researchers found an overall increase of 4% in energy expenditure. The research found that this energy expenditure took place during the daytime. Since thermogenisis (body's rate of burning calories) contributes 8-10% of daily expenditure in a normal person. The 4% increase actually led to a 35-43% percent increase in overall daytime energy expenditure.

Choosing a Good Green Tea

Try to choose a reputable brand from either a health food store or your local grocery mart. I personally try to avoid buying brands that are the stores own brand. Choosing a good reputable brand will help you in getting the full benefit of green tea. Here are a few tips in helping you choose your green tea.

  • Know when it was packaged
  • Check when it was stocked on the shelf
  • First harvest is best with quality going down each other harvest
  • Know where it came from

How much should you drink?

Experts recommend drinking 3 cups a day to effectively lose weight. Drinking 6 cups or more a day can cause palpitations (irregular beating of your heart) in individuals sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine content per cup of green tea is typically 8 - 20 mg. Black tea is double that amount. When compared to drinking a cup of coffee which is 80 mg that is relatively low.


If there is a green tea weight loss diet I haven't found it. Don't be scared to add this item to your current diet. Doing so will only lead to better health and a better you. It will help you to lose some extra weight. Green tea helps you to burn about 78 calories per day. That 780 calories a week by just drinking your green tea. So why wouldn't you want to add it to your diet? Just remember to not spoil the drink with sugar and cream and other additives that are just going to add up the calories. Keep it natural and without sweeteners.


Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Looking for some easy ways to lose weight fast?  I'd like to share some of my own tips and tricks to help you lose some weight.


Make sure upon waking before you start your day you eat breakfast.   Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and not eating it is a sure fire way to cause your metabolism to slow down.  Your body has been fasting for 8 hours and is craving nutrients upon first waking up.


There are many who do not drink the recommended amount of water daily.  One should drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I prefer to drink a lot more than that.  Drinking water helps your body to flush toxins and fats.  Try to keep a water bottle with you at all times and when you feel hungry remember to drink a glass of water.   Many times you will feel hunger but actually are dehydrated.   Drink water before meals and you will eat less!


Instead of having the normal diet of 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Try to spread them out more evenly throughout the day.  Strive for 5 meals daily with healthy snacks in between.  I know this can be hard with our busy lives we live but doing so will help rev up your metabolism.


Take a multivitamin.  Taking a multivitamin can help some with hunger issues.  People that feel hungry all the time may actually have a vitamin deficiency and providing your body with the needed nutrients will help curb your appetite.

Know Your Food Labels

Always read the nutrient label of the food you buy.  Try to avoid foods that have high fructose corn syrup.  Eating foods with high fructose corn syrup will cause blood sugars to spike.  This will give you that added energy but when you crash an hour later it will leave you feeling even more hungry than before.

Substitute Soda and High Sugar Drinks

Again the importance of water is paramount.  Instead of soda, have water with lemon.  You could also substitute with tea.  I recommend green tea as it will help curb your ravenous appetite and speed your metabolism without the jittery effects of coffee. Green tea assists in fat oxidation and its chock full of antioxidants.

Take Notes

Try to keep a notepad or journal and write down what you eat throughout the day.  Keeping good notes will help you lose weight as sometimes people do not realize all the food they are actually eating.

These are a few of the things I do to help maintain and lose weight. I hope it helps you out in your weight loss journey.

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