Not but a week ago I noticed that my current gym was implementing Activtrax.  Activtrax is interesting in the fact that you can have a virtual trainer and not have to pay for a physical trainer.   Initially it will give a you a strength test.   The strength test gives the Activtrax a roadmap to start you out on.  The strength test takes about 30 mins to complete.  It tests your strengths in every part of your body.  Chest, legs, back, abdominals.  After completing the test you are given your first workout.  Activtrax gives you the option to use free weights or machines.  Or you have the option to use all machines in the building including free weights. 

I completed my first workout 2 days ago and I have to say it's not as easy as one might think by looking at the first workout.  I workout regularly and was spent by the end of my workout.  The nice thing about using this virtual trainer is you can set how long you want to workout and set what you expect to gain from the workout.  I set mine for weight loss and toning.  There are more settings such as mass building, endurance, you name it. 

Another nice feature of Activtrax is how it will set a diet and meal plan for you to follow and even give you a grocery list to print out.  It tracks your calories eaten and burned.  It keeps track of your water intake and everything.  I'm impressed so far by what it has to offer and best of all the use of Activtrax was included with my current gym membership.  Your particular gym may require a small fee but that small fee doesn't even come close to what you would pay for a personal trainer.

It will be interesting to see my results as I continue to follow the workouts.  I recommend you give Activtrax a try you will not be disappointed.

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