Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises can help those with anxiety, fatigue, mental fatigue, foggy mind. Many of us in today's society do not breath the way our bodies were meant to breath. If you work at a desk job sitting at front of a computer screen all day, chances are you have shallow breathing. Doing a deep breathing exercise can also help a sluggish metabolism.

Fat Burning FurnaceWhen you take a deep breath and allow your lungs to fill to capacity you provide your body with more oxygen. When you exhale you expel toxins and carbon dioxide through your lymphatic system.  By breathing properly your body is flooded with life giving oxygen and your body works more efficiently.

If you tend to slouch, try not to.  Slouching pushes down on the diaphragm and will result in more shallow breathing.  The importance of good posture will help you to breath more deeply and naturally. 

In times of stress and anxiety we sometimes tend to hold our breath.   Be mindful in times of stress and try to breath more fully.  By breathing controlled and deeply during times of anxiety and stress you will alleviate the tension and help clear your mind. 

If you are looking to boost your metabolism then deep breathing exercises will benefit you.  These exercises cause you to expel more toxins and helps your body burn fat more effectivly.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Sit up straight and breath out slowly till you feel your lungs empty.  You will feel your abdomen tighten as you do this.  Next take a deep slow controlled breath through your nose and feel your stomach rise.  Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds or whatever you are comfortable with.  Now slowly exhale through your mouth, this will take slightly longer than when you inhaled.

Do this exercises 10 times 3 times daily.  You can do more if you want.  Eventually you will train yourself to breath more deeply. 

Doing this exercise you will feel more energized and have less mind fog and fatigue.  You will boost your metabolism and maybe even lose a little weight.  Your body is going to work more efficiently and you will be less stressed.

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