Eat Stop Eat


Owner: Brad Pilon

Company: Stength Works Inc

Cost: $39.95, $57, or $77 depending on package

Refund Policy: 60 days unconditional

Delivery Method: Digital Download

Eat Stop Eat Review

This program developed by Brad Pilon is a diet based on the principle of intermittent fasting.  You fast and later are rewarded by being able to eat what you want without having to keep a count on calories.

Brad Pilon used to work for and was a researcher for a leading supplement company.  There are people that think fasting is unhealthy and I was one of them.  He supplies 3 pages of studies involved with the area of fasting and it changed my outlook on the idea of fasting. 

The idea behind Eat Stop Eat is simple in the way it allows you to keep your calories down.  A 24 hour fast that the author advises and helps you to mentally stick to.

While fasting it is advised to do some sort of physical strength training.  The author advises that strength training is important.  This will prevent the loss of muscle during the fast.  With any diet it is important to incorporate weight training this is not specific to this diet.  The author does not suggest any exercises in this program, you will have to find a routine on your own.

Overall this program is not a bad program.  The references and evidence to scientific studies help to back up this program and to substantiate his claims.

If you like this program you can go ahead and Check It Out Here >>


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